Tips For Writing a Resume With No Experience

Format Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a list of curriculum vitae or Resume, often called in each country vary. This is because it is influenced by culture, habits, political views, as well as the different rules of the game.
For example, for the standard resume in the United States (USA) do not need to list the things that are considered very personally like photos, marital status, place and date of birth.
Whereas in Indonesia is just the opposite, in making a CV or curriculum vitae, a list of mandatory lists the marital status, the place and date of birth, as well as attach photos.
Here are some things that should be noticed in making Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a list of curriculum vitae, or Resume to companies/agencies/institutions in Indonesia (good for companies/institutions of local, national, and international).
A. Order Of Writing A Curriculum Vitae (Resume, List Of Publications)
1. Identity (Personal Data)
Put your identity clearly, such as: full name, gender, date and Place of birth, citizenship, religion, marital Status, height and weight, complete address, telephone, and e-mail HP & (if any).
Exclusively for e-mail, we recommend that you have it. If you don’t have one, you can create an email address in Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail (please click) or more.
2. education
Enter the formal education and training/courses you will ever follow; complete with the year of entry and the years pass, the majors, level of study, and the name of the institution. The sequence starts from formal education first, and then the non formal education (training, courses, etc.).
3. The ability of the
Describe briefly your abilities relevant to the work of the applied field. Suppose you apply for work in the field of accounting, then briefly explain that you understand the accounting and administration, tax system, work using computers, etc. Of course the abilityan ability that you wrote the list/should you really have. Do not list the skills that you don’t have.
4. Work experience
Include a brief description of your work on previous company, complete with the rank, Office, type of work, accomplishments (if any), the responsibility and authority of the work. As well as periods of work, that is months and years begin to occupy and put an end to that position.
The sequence starts from work (or the Office or position).
5. The experience of the Organization (if any)
List of relevant organizations experience (or associated) with the type of job you are applying. When there is no relevant, just skip the number 5.
6. Reference work (if any)
Whenever possible, include reference, i.e. a person who can be contacted by selectors work proposal to ask the important things about yourself (usually the name of the employer where you work before).
Important: in terms of the inclusion of the name of the person who will be used as a reference, you have to be very sure that the person really knows about you and will give positive information about yourself. If you doubt that the person will provide positive information about you, then you do not need to include a reference to such work (just skip the number 6).
7. The experience of the other support (if any)
Other experiences include supporting your promotion“. And should be relevant to the type of job you are applying. If you apply for the position of computer programmers, then your experience as Chairman of the RW or badminton champion, surely not relevant. So when there is no relevant, just skip the number 7.
B. Paper, Letters, Photos, Supporting Documents
1. use plain white paper
The CV should be plain do not use background image (basic display). We recommend that you do not use a CV form is sold in stores.
2. standard letters typed formal letter
CV do not hand written, typed, however. Use the letters to the size and type of standard (black in color), such as font type Arial or Times New Roman.
3. Latest photos
Attach a recent photo size fit 3×4 or 4×6. We recommend that you use the fitting color photographs, and dressing formally (e.g. a suit complete with tie).
4. Supporting documents
Attach documents or evidence about the things written in the CV (resume), such as a diploma, transcript of grades, certificates or awards, etc. (the supporting documentation in the form of photocopy).
The attached supporting documents so that not too much, you should select/sort the documents which are the most important and relevant to attach.
Important: when the transcript of your grades aren’t good, then you do not need to attach it. Because the CV or resume is your self promotion.

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