oncology nurse interview tips

oncology nurse interview tips
oncology nurse interview tips


A range of indicators and tools have been developed for competence assessment but
empirical evidence regarding their effectiveness in measuring competence is lacking. A key
challenge identified in all articles reporting on methods for competence assessment was
ensuring objectivity.
It is generally accepted that assessment of competence should use more than one indicator.
However, there is limited evidence about the most effective or reliable indicators to use.
Most of the studies identified report on general issues of competence/competence
assessment, portfolios and OSCEs. Evidence in relation to peer assessment, direct
observation, self-assessment, continuing education and patient outcomes is more limited.
No articles were identified relating to interviews. The majority of articles focused on initial
competence with only limited investigation of issues of continuing competence.
It has been suggested by some authors that competence assessment should start with self-
reflection, while the use of other indicators should take account of issues of inter-rater
reliability and objectivity. Regardless of the indicator used, it is clear from the studies
identified that adequate preparation of the individual being assessed, the assessor and
mentors is important. Pilot testing of indicators is also important to ensure clarity and avoid
ambiguity. A number of the articles included in this review conclude that there is a need for
further research in ‘real world’ settings.

Link source :edcan.org

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