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A friend who teaches interior design recently told me that she always advises clients to include a “formalization section” in their sample-friendly loan agreement format. She explained that the informal nature of the interior design gives owners the room to communicate. In my experience, this usually means they include a space for notes and other documentation such as art and sample materials.

The formalization allows the property owner to get their notes and documentation out in front of everyone. It also helps to provide an organized, clear, and concise format for the layout of the loan agreement. Let’s look at a few options for a formalized format:

For a sample-friendly loan agreement format to be effective, all clients need is some sort of pre-formatted spreadsheet. Many business and property owners will opt for Microsoft Excel or another program that automatically formats documents for them. This makes it easy to create a structured document that includes a header row and columns, headings, and footers.

I’ve seen several different ways to address the formalization part of a friendly loan agreement format. I love the simple layout of a pre-formatted form. It doesn’t require any pre-processing, such as converting your text into a spreadsheet.

Many sellers and business owners tend to group their notes and letters together using introductory paragraphs. Using these introductory paragraphs can help keep the format concise and easy to read.

One alternative to a pre-formatted friendly loan agreement format is to use a standard Word document as a template. Start by creating a page template that contains a header row. Then, add columns on the page using either headers or bullet points.

The basic word processor also allows you to set the spacing between headings and bullet points. This spacing can make a difference, especially for businesses who have much more text in their introductory paragraphs.

I’ve seen several different ways to address the formalization part of a friendly loan agreement format. I love the simple layout of a pre-formatted form.

For clients that prefer to have a formal letterhead template, their formatting options are a bit more limited. Most word processors have a “checklist” feature that will automatically format templates on the basis of any notes or additional information.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to include a blank background sheet or two for the owner who prefers a formal, clear, and organized friendly loan agreement format. This will allow for the blank background sheet to show up at the end of the document. It may also help with presenting the complete paperwork, too.

Now that you understand that there are many different types of format options for the letterhead or your friendly loan agreement template, it’s important to remember that your business and the client’s preferences may vary. For some owners, the former is important while for others, the latter is more important.

Make sure you talk with your client about what they’re looking for when it comes to a friendly loan agreement format. Also, remember that your customer is not only interested in the format, but the service that you provide as well.

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