Fresh Graduate Cover Letter Job Application

Fresh Graduate Cover Letter Job Application
Fresh Graduate Cover Letter Job Application

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Why Them? Engage your reader. Beginnings are important. Remember: “You had me at ‘hello” To get your reader interested, avoid generic openings such as, “Enclosed please find my resume …” State your goal and the name of the position. Indicate how you heard of the opening, and if you have a referral from someone, mention that individual by name. If you are inquiring about potential opportunities, describe the type of position you are seeking. Personalize the letter by expressing an interest in this particular employer and illustrate you have done some research about the organization.
Why You? Sell yourself. Make the match between you and the position / organization. Be as specific as possible in addressing the requirements listed in the job posting. Regardless of your many valuable skills and traits, focus only on the ones the employer needs. Describe your most relevant qualifications and illustrate with examples. Demonstrate how your background and experience qualify you for this job.
What’s next? Close with enthusiasm. Restate your interest in the opportunity and an interview. Indicate that you will call to follow-up (if you’re certain you will do this). Then make sure you do! Employers appreciate initiative and motivation. [2 returns]



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