Samples of Resume Objectives

Resume Objectives

  Accounting/Finance Seeking a position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can be utilized to improve the company’s profitability A position in data entry and/or accounting where skills in spreadsheet development and troubleshooting can improve efficiency and enhance profitability (Student/Entry Level) A position in the field of accounting leading to managerial … Read more

Resume building tips 2015

resume building tips 2015

A dazzling resume writing into a golden ticket to get a new job. Not only helps get a new job, but has also become the main reason that can help you receive a salary and a better position. A resume is a marketing tool, but there is a distinct difference between promoting yourself well or … Read more

how to write a good resume|resumesdesign

how to write a good resume

The term résumé or curriculum vitae list indeed is not something new for those who have entered the gates of the world of work, because a resume is one of the terms that are very important for the world of work. In the business world, the term is often called the resume CV (Curriculum Vitae). … Read more

Cover Letter Format Columbia University

A resume is a summary of your experience, education, and skills. Its main purpose is to convince a potential employer to interview you and consider you for a position. Resumes are used to screen applicants for interviews and determine which candidates have the background that most closely matches what the employer is seeking. Before you … Read more

Tips For Writing a Resume With No Experience

Format Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a list of curriculum vitae or Resume, often called in each country vary. This is because it is influenced by culture, habits, political views, as well as the different rules of the game. For example, for the standard resume in the United States (USA) do not need to list the … Read more

How to Writing A Curriculum Vitae

  How to write a CV – when you will be applying for a job, you will need the name of a job cover letter along with a list of curriculum vitae or CV to introduce yourself to the company indirectly. Not only that, with a CV that you have submitted, the company will also … Read more