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Marketing Your Work

A resume is your first opportunity to “sell” your work and experience to an architecture or design firm.  Most summer internships and intern architect positions will require a resume and cover letter, as well as work sample pages.  Your
resume should highlight the key projects and experiences that best represent the skills you will need for the desired position.
Basic Resume Content
Avoid making your resume too complicated or lengthy; it should be easy to read and show off  the style of  your work. Headings for Resume Sections:

Personal Contact Information
List your name, address, phone number, and email. Your email address should be professional and
include your name.  You may also include your personal Web site, if  it professionally showcases your work.

Begin with the most recent degree you are pursuing  or have earned.  Include the institution, degree you
will earn, your major(s) and minor(s), month and year  of  completion, and location with city and state.  List
additional degrees in reverse chronological order. Additional educational experiences may also be listed
in this section, including study abroad and other  academic programs.

Professional Experience
List any professional experience relating to your field, such as summer internships at architecture or
construction firms.  Discuss the kinds of  projects  you’ve worked on, such as education or healthcare. List presentations you gave or contributed to,
client meetings you attended as an intern, or the  specifics on your work in a design library.

Within your resume, create a detailed skills section. Brainstorm and add skills such as design, hand
sketching, rendering, schematics and model building. Be sure to highlight your soft skills like customer
service, communication, and teambuilding. Construction and carpentry skills are often a plus.

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Architect Resume Sample Australia
Architect Resume Sample Australia

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