35 Good Examples Objectives

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Good Examples Objectives

1. Objective : A tenure track position in a well estabilished sociology department, which will allow for adequate time and funding to be directed toward research.
2. OBJECTIVE : Accounting position with a CPA firm.
3. Objective : A challenging and rewarding position as a public accountant.
4. OBJECTIVE : A position in accounts payable that fully utilizes my experience and abilities
5. OBJECTIVE : Position as an actuarial analyst for insurance company.
6. Objective : A challenging position as an administrative assistant at a growth-oriented firm, which will allow me to both further utilize my skills and acquire new abilities.
7. Objective : Position as an administrative services manager, or a comprable position, that will utilize my years of progressive, managerial experience.
8. Objective : A challenging career as a company administrator.
9. Objective: A position as an admissions representative at a leading university.
10. Objective : Advertising agent for challenging accounts.
11. OBJECTIVE : Position as a choreographer or dance instructor for Broadway style dance productions
12. OBJECTIVE: A challenging and rewarding possition in the airline industry.
13. Objective : Position as film and television animator
14. Objective : To attain a position as senior architect with a multi-national architectural design firm.
15. OBJECTIVE : Position as Personal Trainer / Strength Coach
16. OBJECTIVE: To obtain a postion which will allow me to utilize my comminucation, auditing and problem solving skills.
17. OBJECTIVE : A challenging and rewarding position as an automotive mechanic with supervisory responsibilities.
18. OBJECTIVE : A position as a bank teller.
19. Objective : A challenging and rewarding position as a commercial banking
executive that utilizes my expertise.
20. OBJECTIVE : Seeking a position in a university or firm specializing in advanced biochemistry for the development of human immune system vaccines
21. OBJECTIVE : To obtain a position as a Biomedical Researcher.
22. OBJECTIVE : A position as men’s apparel buyer for a major department store.
23. Objective : To obtain a full-time position providing in-house catering for lunches, special events, and executive presentations.
24. Objective : A position as senior corporate executive of globally focused, publicly-traded corporation.
25. Objective : A challenging and rewarding position as a Chief Financial Officer.
26. OBJECTIVE : Chef for a high class establishment where my experience and culinary specialties will be utilized in preparing a wide range of international cuisines.
27. Objective : A position as a city planner that will effectively utilize my knowledge and experience.
28. Objective : A challenging career as a civil engineer.
29. Objective: To acquire a position with the potential for advancement where I can utilize my knowledge and experience.
30. Objective : Position as senior creative designer in large advertising agency.
31. Objective : A challenging position as a Software Engineer and the possibility of career advancement.
32. Objective : A challenging and rewarding position as a computer programmer.
33. Objective : A position as Construction Foreman.
34. Objective : A challenging and rewarding position as a counselor working with youth populations
35. Objective : Seeking a position as a data entry clerk with a strong, forward thinking company.